About Us

We are a strategic association of people specialized in the area of foreign trade and business advice.

We join our efforts and knowledge in order to advise companies, with special emphasis on small and medium ones (SMEs).
We have a long history of developing projects in the countries that integrate Mercosur since the signing of the Treaty of Asunción.

In SERISUR we build daily new commercial and personal ties to collaborate with the international expansion of our customers. Therefore, we propose to facilitate and accompany them in the insertion of their products or services within the new global business scheme, totally globalized, based on direct contacts between sellers and buyers.

Our objective

Our main objective is to link companies with the world.

We provide a comprehensive commercial management service, which translates into identifying new markets, bringing and presenting the parts so they can carry out successful negotiations.

We aspire to perform our tasks effectively, taking care of every detail to achieve a differential and excellent work.

We are continuously training and looking for the best alternatives in technology, both information and communication, which allow us a greater connection with customers and efficiency in the development of our work.


Our experience allows us to act and respond efficiently to the requirements of each customer, in order to be competitive in the area of international trade.
We provide personalized services, through the development of strategies for each company and particular time. For this we act in 2 areas:

Advice and consultancy

In SERISUR we specialize in the market study and necessary development, required by each company, with integral support in each stage of the process. The final result is access to the "Target Market" in a coherent and sustainable manner.
With our advisory and consulting services:

  • We localize the “Target Market”;
  • We carry out strategic planning;
  • We manage international commercial operations;
  • We link SMEs to formalize business.
Business management

At SERISUR we carry out the necessary operations for the success of your business abroad. We develop the most convenient distribution channel without the need for prior information, since we have the experience and means necessary to successfully access the international market.
With the services of Management:

  • We look for the optimization of operating costs;
  • We approach the importer with the exporter;
  • Specialization in regional exports;
  • We monitor the operations abroad;
  • We represent your company in South America;
  • We manage bank and credit procedures;
  • We carry out complementary actions.


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Mario Gustavo Martínez
Public Relations


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Javier G. Martínez Verneri
Sales Manager

Lawyer. University Professor in Maritime, Aeronautical and Space Law.

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Julieta Scheffer
Foreign Chief

Graduate in international commerce.

Corporate social responsibility

Through dissertations and activities in Cooperatives, Chambers and Educational Centers we try to transmit to young entrepreneurs how to start with an export project that allows them to market their products and / or services crossing the borders of their country.
MShowing them the wide possibilities that they have in the XXI Century to be able to develop commercially in several economies, spreading export culture to the new commercial generations.


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República Argentina
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